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The International Association of Missions (IAM) was started in the late 1980’s.  It was first incorporated in Brazil as Associação Internacional de Missões (AIM), where missionaries Tom and Kathy Padley began their work in 1988.  In the U.S., IAM has functioned under the auspices of a sister organization until its incorporation in the State of Ohio in 2009.  In twenty years, the work in Brazil has grown to include four more career missionaries serving with the Padley’s and missionaries in other countries as well, both American and Brazilian.  Here are a few highlights.  For more information on a specific ministry, please contact us at the addresses below. 


Children have always been a major focus.  The Padleys started taking abandoned children into their home at day-one and eventually had 23 children living with them.  Seven of these were raised through adulthood and are now serving the Lord.  Ministério Estatégia was established to work within the red-light district of Belo.  The main focus was the children who were either abandoned or children of single parent prostitute's.  In order to reach these children, we started a daycare and pre-school which exists even today, planting the seeds of the gospel of Jesus Christ in those who may otherwise never hear it. 


Juda Ministry is directed by and revolving around the anointed worship music and talent of Tom and Kathy’s son-in-law, Judson Gomes de Oliveira. With national and international recognition and success, Judson, one of our itinerate preachers and teachers; he also works to bring pastoral care and counsel to numerous Brazilian pastors. Judson's ministry has taken him to several countries including Ghana, West Africa, Japan, Germany, Cuba, USA, and Argentina among others. His music is highly sought after with dozens of his own CD's and DVD's. 


Pegue Fogo (Catch the Fire) started by Tom and Kathy’s son, James Padley, was initially started to reach out to needy neighborhoods with street parties, music, games and clowns using arts and crafts, drama and music for evangelism. This ministry has been a barrier-breaker with a non-intrusive approach to befriend the poor masses with the Gospel message and includes follow-up after each event. 


Amazon Thirst is in the indigenous region seated in the very heart of the Amazon Jungle called Maués in the state of Amazonas. This is home to one of our Brazilian-based teams. Amazon Thirst teams drill wells that bring fresh water to the river communities of the Sataré-Maué Indian tribes which dominate that vast region.  This has brought a holistic approach to the preaching of the Gospel of Christ, not just through preaching, but also with a cup of clean water. Church planting is done with our own boats, drilling rig and other essential travel and survival equipment. In the jungle town of Maués where our missionaries are based out of, we also have a ministry owned and operated daycare and pre-school to Indian children in the city. There are three affiliated churches of IAM in the city of Maués where we have a leadership training class, as we do in other regions where we are situated with our local churches.  


The mission of IAM USA is to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ to take the whole Gospel to the entire World by supporting, through all means, all those who carry the message in word and action.     

The vision
of the International Association of Missions is to be, a ministry dedicated, to those who minister the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, essentially, serving those who serve.   


The future
holds untold opportunities and potential.  As a ministry, we are dedicated to serving those who serve and furthering the work of God in the world today. IAM currently has missionaries in three countries and is expanding to other countries as well.